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The Stress-Reset Starter Kit For Women In Medicine

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Welcome to the Stress-Reset Starter Kit for Women in Medicine, an empowering resource designed to help you navigate the challenges of stress and prevent burnout in medicine. I'm Dr. Robyn Charlton, a Perinatal Psychiatrist, Mindful Self-Compassion Meditation teacher, and Mindful Yin Yoga teacher, and I'm thrilled to be your guide on this transformative journey. At MindFitnessDr., my mission is to assist individuals to regulate their nervous systems and rewire their brains through easy, evidence-based MindFitness micro-practices. Drawing from my own experiences as a doctor, I understand the unique demands and time constraints you face daily. That's why I've developed the MindFitness Method to Manage Stress and Prevent Burnout in Medicine—a practical approach that combines quick, evidence-based practices to effectively manage stress and prevent burnout, delivered through the SOARING SYSTEM. Inside this Stress-Reset Starter Kit for Women in Medicine, you'll discover the SOARING SYSTEM, which consists of seven on-the-go stress-management practices designed to help you conquer even the most challenging days in medicine. Additionally, you'll find downloadable screensavers to serve as gentle reminders to practice self-care throughout the day. By embracing the MindFitness Method and utilizing the SOARING SYSTEM, you can cultivate calm and attain harmony in both your professional and personal life. Let's embark on this journey together and begin your transformation today!

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