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Healing the Healer: Self Compassion Challenge for Women in Medicine

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New Year: New You – The Self-Compassion Challenge for Women in Medicine. Welcome to Your Journey of Healing your Mind, Body, and Soul. As a dedicated woman in the field of medicine, you tirelessly care for others. Now, at the start of a new year, it's time to turn that care inward. Join our "New Year: New You – Self-Compassion Challenge", specially designed to nurture the healers of our world. What is the New Year: New You Challenge? This four-week program is an invitation to rediscover and nourish yourself. Tailored for women in medicine, the challenge blends mindfulness, self-compassion, and yin yoga, guiding you toward finding your sanctuary amongst the storms of life. Why Embark on This Journey? Focused on You: Specially designed for the unique challenges and pressures faced by women in medicine. Accessible Anywhere: Engage with the challenge via the MindFitness Dr podcast, YouTube channel, and our online course – learn and grow at your convenience. Empowering Community: Connect with fellow women in medicine on a similar path of self-discovery and support. Expert-Led Q and A: Gain guidance from a psychaitrist who is also a Mindful Self Compassion Meditation and Yin Yoga teacher. Your Path to Renewal: Week 1: Begin with exploring the fundamentals of self-compassion and how it can be a powerful tool in your life. Week 2: Challenge and dispel the myths of self-compassion, particularly in the medical profession. Week 3: Embrace fierce self-compassion, learn about assertiveness, and how setting healthy boundaries is self-compassionate. Week 4: Integrate your learnings with self-compassion in action, culminating in a rejuvenating yin yoga session. Exclusive Benefits: Resource Kit: A curated collection of insightful reading materials and a journal for reflections. Weekly Inspirational Emails: Regular encouragement and tips to keep you motivated and engaged. Post-Challenge Q and A: A follow-up session to reflect, share, and plan for ongoing self-care.

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