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The Mind Fit Dr Self-Guided Program

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An 8-week journey to help you manage stress as a doctor and transform the way you do medicine (and life). Designed by a doctor for doctors, The Mind Fit Dr will give you the tools and practices you need to: Understand how chronic stress can lead to exhaustion and burnout in doctors. Discover the true cost of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, hustle culture and overwhelm in medicine. Let go of the pressure to ‘do it all’ and the sense of responsibility that goes with that, so you can focus on what truly matters. Manage everyday stress with simple self-care practices you can do on the go so that you care for yourself while you care for your patients. Adopt simple self-care rituals to fill your own cup and regulate your nervous system so you can keep burnout at bay. Stay calm and grounded in tough emotional situations and help your patients do the same. Set boundaries and assert your own needs, especially when it’s hard. Do what you need to do at work, without carrying the stress and anxiety of your patient home to your family. Reconnect with your values and purpose so you can find fresh meaning in the practice of medicine. What you get on The Self-Guided Program 8-week course: 8 x weekly video lessons Practical exercises to support each lesson 8 x Yin Yoga practices 8 x 20-minute guided meditation Lifetime access to the course

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