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The Mind Fitness Gym For Medical Practitioners

The only gym membership that helps you manage stress and prevent burnout with self-care medicine for your mind, body and soul

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Welcome to the Mind Fitness Gym!
When was the last time you strengthened your mind?

I’m not talking about doing Sudoku or Wordle or cryptic crosswords. I’m talking about training your mind the way you train your body: by committing to a fitness plan,  consistent daily exercise and quality nourishment. Just like physical fitness, we need to train our minds to manage stress and prevent burnout by building our mental toughness, agility, resilience and well-being. 


The Mind FitnessGym is the ONLY gym where you commit to managing stress and preventing burnout by making self-care an integral part of your life - mind, body and soul. 

stress management

Each month, we’ll tend to
a different aspect of your physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual well-being.

Our programme draws upon the Whare Tapu Wha and Lifestyle Psychiatry models of wellness, where true mental health depends upon the four walls of physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being. 


Over the course of one year, we go on a Mind Fitness journey to manage stress and prevent burnout via the four walls of wellness.  Each month, we’ll tend to a different aspect of your physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual well-being.

The Mind Fit Dr RX


Psychological Walls

For the Psychological Wall, we explore stress and burnout and learn how to manage both with mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude and grit.


Physical Walls

Our focus for the Physical Wall includes diet, nutrition, sleep and exercise.


Social Walls

The Social Wall looks at how we can communicate more effectively and set compassionate boundaries for ourselves and others.

Spiritual Walls

For the Spiritual Wall, we explore what nourishes your soul and brings meaning and purpose into your life. 


12 month

Here’s what you’ll get each month inside
The Mind Fitness Gym:

The MindFitness Dr icon

An invitation to join a 4-week challenge or mini-course to embed a micro self-care practice to manage stress and prevent burnout, into your daily and weekly routine.

The MindFitness Dr icon

An invitation to a Mind Fitness Coaching session, where the monthly theme of How to manage stress and prevent burnout will be explored. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions about the micro-challenge.

The MindFitness Dr icon

Access to an extensive library of on-demand Mind Fitness Yin Yoga Courses, for soothing movement and relaxation. These courses also teach the SOARING System of micro self-care practices on the mat, so you can take them off the mat and into everyday life.

The MindFitness Dr icon

Access to an extensive library of Mind Fit guided meditations. Whether you have five minutes or 40 minutes, there’s a meditation to suit. 

The MindFitness Dr icon

Access to past Mind Fitness Gym coaching calls and challenges.

All for less than the price of a single yoga class.

Your membership of
The Mind Fitness Gym costs just NZD $15 a week and you can cancel at any time!

  • Best Value

    The Mind Fitness Gym

    Every week
     14 day free trial
    • Monthly Mind Fitness Mini-Courses/Challenges
    • Unlimited Access to On-Demand Mind Fit Yin Yoga Courses
    • Unlimited Access to In-Person and Online yin Yoga
    • Unlimited access to The Self-Compassion Starter Kit
    • Unlimited access to a Library of Mind Fitness Meditations
  • Self-Compassion Starter Kit

    Meditations used in the Mindful Self-Compassion course
    Free Plan
    • Self Compassion Starter Kit
MindFitness Gym
anxiety and depression

The Mind Fitness Gym is the only gym that embeds holistic self-care into your daily routine so you can manage stress and prevent burnout.

Membership is designed for anyone juggling multiple caregiving roles. Whether you’re a busy professional, a busy mum, a busy caregiver, or all three, the Mind Fitness Gym will help you manage stress,avoid burnout, reconnect with your passion and purpose, and live a more joyful, contented and connected life. 

If you’re a medical practitioner, the Mind Fitness Gym is a brilliant tool to share with your patients.

You can help them manage stress and prevent burnout, as well as improve their overall mental health.

The Royal Australian College of Psychiatrists recently recommended that lifestyle factors be the first line of treatment for some mental disorders like mild to moderate anxiety and depression. 

It’s no secret that the mental health system is under-resourced, with huge backlogs and long waiting lists for treatment.

The Mind Fitness Gym offers practical, affordable and evidence-based tools patients can use to care for their mental well-being while they wait. It was developed and is hosted by a psychiatrist with extensive clinical experience and knowledge of mindfulness therapies.

Who knows, it might turn out to be just what your patients need? At only $15 a week, why not try it yourself and see? 

"...helped me stay on solid ground...

"At a time my practice was struggling with multiple people burning out in succession, The Stress Reset helped me stay on solid ground, reminding me in a kind and gentle way to keep my own NorthStar front and centre. Many thanks."

Your wellbeing, at your pace, in the Mind Fitness Gym

The Mind Fitness Gym has everything you need to create your own Mind Fitness Plan for stress management.

There’s no need to show up for every class or tick off all the assignments. You can move back and forth between modules at a pace that suits you.


So why not give it a go?

A whole new view of life awaits. Come on in. 

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