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Recharge Retreats for Women in Medicine

One to three day retreats for women in medicine to step out of the every day, reset, recharge, and reinvigorate the practice of medicine

Mahurangi West View Point

Doctor, sometimes you just need to get away from it all

You need a break from your practice, your patients and all your responsibilities. Time and space to recharge your batteries, so you'll have the energy to keep on going - and actually enjoy your work again.

That's why I created the Recharge Retreats for Women in Medicine.

Several times a year I offer a chance to get away from it all with other doctors and replenish your body mind and soul.

Over the course of one to two days, I'll guide you through either the Mind Fit Dr course or MindFul Self-Compassion for Women in Medicine. You'll also spend time in nature, eat yummy nourishing food, and have the chance to participate in Yin Yoga or Meditation classes. 

My retreats take place in a gorgeous venue not far from Auckland.

You'll leave the weekend feeling rested and restored with a host of effective self-care practices that will help you manage stress, avoid burnout, sustain your career AND enjoy your life.

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