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Learn how to manage stress in medical practice

The Mind Fit Dr

An 8-week journey to help you manage everyday stress, become a better doctor and transform the way you do medicine and life.

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Medicine is more than your job!

It’s your calling. 


You love your work and you’re in this for the long haul - or at least, you’d like to be. You care deeply about your patients and you know you’re making a difference every day.  


The trouble is, you just don’t know if you can keep up this insane pace much longer. Between your clinical practice and your family life, you’re maxed out. No one is getting the time and attention they deserve - not your patients, not your family, not your partner. Definitely not you.

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If you want to build a sustainable career and actually enjoy your work again, something has to change. There has to be a better way.

If you’re thinking you can’t be the only one struggling to manage stress as a doctor, you’re right. As a health professional, your risk of burnout is twice that of the general working population. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the burnout rate among doctors has climbed to 55%, with serious consequences for medical practitioners, their families, their patients and the healthcare system.

Introducing The Mind Fit Dr

With The Mind Fit Dr, you’ll learn how to manage the stress of medical practice and keep burnout at bay, so you can enjoy your career in medicine, for the long term.

Designed by a doctor for doctors, The Mind Fit Dr will give you the tools and practices you need to:

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Understand how chronic stress can lead to exhaustion and burnout in doctors. 

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Discover the true cost of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, hustle culture and overwhelm in medicine.

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Let go of the pressure to ‘do it all’ and the sense of responsibility that goes with that, so you can focus on what truly matters.

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Manage everyday stress with simple self-care practices you can do on the go so that you care for yourself while you care for your patients.

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Adopt simple self-care rituals to fill your own cup and regulate your nervous system so you can keep burnout at bay. 

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Stay calm and grounded in tough emotional situations and help your patients do the same.

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Discover what depletes your energy and what restores it, so you can notice the warning signs and recharge your batteries on the go.

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Set boundaries and assert your own needs, especially when it’s hard.

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Do what you need to do at work, without carrying the stress and anxiety of your patients home to your family.

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Reconnect with your values and purpose so you can find fresh meaning in the practice of medicine.

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Finally enjoy your career AND your life, knowing that you have the tools and practices to manage whatever comes your way.

Sounds good right?

keep burnout at bay

The Mind Fit Dr brings together the latest in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, mindfulness and self-compassion to offer a kinder, more gentle way to do medicine and life.

As a perinatal psychiatrist with more than 25 years of clinical experience, I know only too well the stress of being a doctor and the costs of burnout in medicine. Trying to ‘do it all’ and ‘be it all’ drove me to breaking point.

And that’s why I created The Mind Fit Dr...

In this course, you’ll learn the life-changing tools and practices I wish I had known about when I was in medical practice. Tools that have not only helped me heal from burnout but have fundamentally changed the way I live and work. 


Self-care is far too important to be relegated to a bubble bath or a glass of wine at the end of a tough day - it should be an integral part of the way you practice medicine. And that’s what you’ll learn, in The Mind Fit Dr. 


I’ve designed this course with the busy medical practitioner in mind. Each tool is simple, practical and easy to incorporate into a clinical day, and the best part is that you’ll feel the benefits within moments. 

SOARING not only help you enjoy life and sustain your career for the long term but become a better doctor along the way. And that’s worth fighting for, right?

"...I needed to ground myself..."

"This course quickly gave me the tools I needed to ground myself through a challenging period of my life. It was great to connect with other health professionals and share experiences of working in healthcare at this challenging time. Robyn is a skilled facilitator who's gentle style enables you to feel heard and supported. Not an easy thing to do with several people in the group!"

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Here’s what you’ll learn in The Mind Fit Dr Modules:

Module One
When stress becomes burnout

You’ll learn how chronic stress can lead to burnout, how to identify your stage of burnout; and how burnout affects your nervous system and your medical practice. I’ll introduce you to the Mind Fitness Method to Manage Stress and Prevent Burnout.


Module Two
Check your battery

You’ll use mindfulness practices to develop your awareness of the signs and symptoms of burnout and learn simple practices to assess your self-care battery level and take action before you hit burnout.


Module Three
Energy depleting emotions

You’ll begin to notice the emotions that zap your energy and use Mind Fitness practices to observe your emotional state throughout the day.  You’ll learn simple practices to tame and heal your emotions, so you can be a calming presence for your patients even in tough situations. 


Module Four

Releasing and letting go

You’ll learn how striving, hustle culture, self doubt, imposter syndrome and feeling inadequate all contribute to burnout. You’ll practice unhooking from these unhelpful strategies, releasing experiential distress and using breathwork to let go of stressful thoughts and leave anxiety at the office.


Module Five
Acceptance & letting it be

You’ll learn to let go of the illusion of control and accept that you’re not superhuman, you can’t fix or save everyone and no amount of beating yourself up will change that. (I get it, that can be tough). You’ll discover how to treat yourself and others with loving kindness and self compassion, no matter what the circumstances. (Trust me, this one is a game changer).


Module Six

Preventing burnout through selfcare

Drawing on the Te Whare Tapu Wha (body, mind, social and spiritual) model of health, you’ll discover new ways to replenish your energy, regulate your nervous system and rewire your brain at home and at work. 


Module Seven

Letting in the good

Neuroscience tells us that appreciating the good is not only a simple way to recharge your battery, but actually rewires your brain. In this module, you’ll learn how to use all of your senses to nourish and savour simple moments, so you soak up all that goodness, replenish your energy and rewire your brain with the resources you need to handle stress.


Module Eight

Reclaiming what matters in medicine

Now that you know how to care for yourself, it’s time to find new meaning in the practice of medicine. In this module, you’ll identify your core values, set self-care goals that align with those values and create your own Mind Fitness plan for ongoing self-care.

The Mind Fit Dr is an 8-week Programme 

Offered through your choice of Self-Guided Program, Group Coaching, or Private coaching.

Each week you will receive: 

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A simple, neuroscience-backed lesson you can digest in 20 minutes or less. I share the lessons in both video and audio format, so you can listen on your commute, during your lunch break, while cooking dinner or with your feet up in your PJs.

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Practical exercises to try out during a busy clinical day, so you can ease your stress at the moment and get curious about which tools work best for you.  

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A nourishing Yin Yoga practice - Each week you’ll get access to a new Yin Yoga practice of between 30 and 60 minutes, for you to enjoy at a time that suits you.

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A 20-minute meditation to embed the week’s lessons and help you wind down after a busy day. 

If you choose the group coaching programme, you will also receive:
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A weekly Zoom coaching session where we come together in the community as medical practitioners to honour each other and our commitment to doing medicine and life well. This is where much of the magic happens, so it’s best if you can come along live to get the full benefit of the experience.  If you can’t make it live you can submit your questions in advance and the teaching part of the session will be recorded for you to watch at your leisure.

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A supportive community of medical practitioners who know what it’s like and can offer encouragement, support and affirmation that you’re on the right path. 

It’s important... the weekly Zoom coaching sessions are for doctors only. There is nothing like the experience of being safely held by a community of your peers who truly ‘get it’. 
Because Doctor, you are definitely not alone!

Prefer complete privacy and flexibility to fit the course into your busy schedule?

No worries!


I can coach you through the Mind Fit Dr 1:1, so you can work through the lessons at a time that suits you, in total privacy and with full support from me. You’ll still get lifetime access to all the recorded lessons, yoga and meditation sessions, so you can revisit the materials at any time. 

With The Mind Fit Dr,

whether you choose self-guided, group coaching or 1:1 coaching, you will get lifetime access to the course materials. So if life becomes ‘all life‘ and you fall behind, you can return to the lessons at any time - because this work is evergreen.

‘But wait!’

I hear you say...
‘I don’t have time for all that.’

The incredible thing about this programme is that you don’t have to do it all.

Yes, you heard that right. You DON’T have to do it all.


You don’t have to tick all the boxes, get a gold star, earn an A+ or be awarded a fellowship to feel the benefits of this work. 


The Mind Fit Dr. is an invitation to let your type A personality off the hook.


Because the truth is, this work is like a pick ‘n’ mix. You can dig your sticky hands in, taste a few morsels, decide what you like and let the rest be. 


Any one of these tools could change your entire practice of medicine. If you can make time to try two or three, amazing. If you complete the whole course and enjoy a bit of Yin Yoga and meditation too? Game changing.

Now isn’t that worth exploring? 

Become a Mind Fit Dr

You can choose Self-Guided Program, Group Coaching, or Private Coaching 

according to your needs and budget. 

The MindFit Dr.

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You can choose Self-Guided Program, Group Coaching, or Private Coaching 

according to your needs and budget.