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Self-Compassion Coaching for Women in Medicine

Reduce anxiety and depression. Dial down your inner critic and dial up your health, happiness and wellbeing by practising Self-Compassion.

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Doctor, what would you be capable of, if you weren’t so hard on yourself?

Life can be tough - and that inner dialogue of yours doesn’t make it any easier.

Beating yourself up, endlessly re-running old conversations, judging your actions, or reminding you that you’re always the one to blame. Maybe you’re struggling with unhealthy relationships, negative self-talk, caregiver fatigue, or emotions so overwhelming that they can take you over. 


All that harsh self-talk only makes things worse. It can strip away your confidence, lead you into anxiety and depression and suck the joy out of life. 


Thankfully, there is a kinder way to do life. 

Introducing Self-Compassion Coaching for Woman in Medicine

A 6-week journey into kindness, understanding and compassion for yourself and others.

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is an evidenced-based methodology that can completely transform the way you do life and practice medicine - for good.


Developed from the groundbreaking work of Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Christopher Germer, MSC has three key components: Mindfulness, Common Humanity and Self-Kindness.


Through Mindfulness we learn to ground ourselves in the present moment, greeting our thoughts and emotions with openness and curiosity. 


Common Humanity reminds us that we are not alone. Our emotions and our struggles are universal and part of the human experience.


Self-kindness teaches us to treat ourselves as we would a dear friend, responding with kindness, sympathy and understanding, so that we may soothe our own hurts in difficult moments.


With MSC, you’ll learn how to encourage and motivate yourself with kindness and compassion rather than with criticism and harsh judgment. MSC is proven to boost happiness, reduce anxiety and depression, help you stick to healthy lifestyle changes, and live life with greater ease, wellbeing and resilience. 

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Here’s what you’ll learn in Self-Compassion Coaching for Women in Medicine:

Class One
What is Self-Compassion?

We explore the three components of Mindful self-compassion - Mindfulness, Common Humanity, and Self-Kindness. We look at obstacles to self-compassion and explore concepts of emotional safety.

Class Two
Practicing Self-Compassion

We explore the physiology of self-compassion as the why behind the how to practice self-compassion.

Class Three
Discovering your compassionate voice

We consider how it feels to motivate behavioural change from both self-critical and self-compassionate perspectives and begin to develop your compassionate voice.


Class Four
Meeting difficult emotions

We develop new strategies to understand and meet difficult emotions. You will learn the five stages of acceptance and a simple three step-strategy to acknowledge, locate and meet your emotions more effectively.


Class Five
Caregiver stress and burnout

We look at the neuroscience of caregiver fatigue and burnout, and why it is so important to practice self-compassion to prevent burnout and secondary traumatisation.


Class Six
Living deeply and making it count

We finish with the course by identifying our Core Values, as a way of being our navigation or true north in the challenges of being women In medicine. We set an intention for our practice going forward.

* We finish with the course by identifying our Core Values, as a way of being our navigation or true north in the challenges of being women In medicine. We set an intention for our practice going forward.


No prior mindfulness or self-compassion experience is required.

PLUS as a bonus, you’ll receive six weeks membership of at The MindFitness Gym, where you will benefit from additional self-compassion and Mind Fitness Yin Yoga classes.

"...Simple, well described, and easy to follow..."

"Loved this stress reset - I already have a regular mindfulness and meditation practice and use this with patients I felt like I was fairly knowledgeable, but I really liked your structure and approach. Simple, well described, and easy to follow. I've been using the northern lights concept since and found it super helpful! If I wasn't already doing mindfulness I would definitely be interested in your course.

Thanks so much :-)"

 My next 6-week Self-Compassion Coaching  for Women in Medicine course starts Mon 24th July

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